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 AUDUSD 0.7446|0.7449 : EURCHF 1.0896|1.0901 : EURGBP 0.8279|0.8282 : EURJPY 114.49|114.52 : EURUSD 1.1123|1.1126 : GBPUSD 1.3434|1.3437 : NZDUSD 0.7113|0.7116 : USDCAD 1.2945|1.2948 : USDCHF 0.9796|0.9799 : USDJPY 102.90|102.93 : AUDCAD 0.9635|0.9645 : AUDCHF 0.7294|0.7304 : AUDJPY 76.58|76.68 : CADCHF 0.7563|0.7573 : CADJPY 79.47|79.57 : CHFJPY 104.94|105.04 : NZDCAD 0.9204|0.9214 : NZDCHF 0.6965|0.6975 : NZDJPY 73.16|73.26 : EURAUD 1.4941|1.4948       Obama says We are concerned That British Absence from the Eu Will Make It Harder to Solve Challenges That have to be Solved      Obama says U.s. Will be Least of Any Problems With Regard to Trade for Britain Since Half Their Goods are Sold in Europe      Obama says Britain's First and Primary Concern Will be to Figure Out How It Interacts With the Eu Market if in Fact, When in Fact They Leave the Eu      Obama says Special Relationship Between U.s. and Britain Will Not Change      Obama says Process for Brexit Should proceed With Understanding That Both Sides have a Stake in Getting It Right      Obama says Brexit Process Does Not have to be One of Panic   

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